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Retiring 7 Coal Plants Leads to Cleaner Air, Lower Carbon Footprint

As part of our continued effort to offer sustainable energy to Michigan, we are retiring our seven oldest coal plants. Retiring these plants will result in a 25% reduction in our carbon footprint, a 40% reduction in air borne sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulates, and will reduce our state-wide water use by 40%.

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$5 Billion for Michigan Growth

See how we are leading Michigan’s growth by investing a billion dollars a year for the next five years.

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The Consumers Energy Smart Energy® Program

We're installing upgraded meters. The meter will send your total energy use to us each day, providing an accurate read each month.

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Natural Gas Safety

Visit our Safety Page for important information.

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We’re nurturing tomorrow’s engineers, scientists and inventors to help build a vibrant economy for generations to come.

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