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Solar Gardens

No Rooftop Required

Discover how you can make a difference by subscribing to 100% Michigan-made solar energy.

Going Solar Doesn't Mean You Need to Put Solar Panels on Your Roof

Whether you want to demonstrate your environmental commitment or become part of a first-of-its-kind renewable energy program in Michigan – you’ll be making a difference by participating in Solar Gardens.

Space in the program is limited, so enroll today.


Why Participate?

What is Solar Gardens?
Solar Gardens is a voluntary community solar program. Consumers Energy owns, operates and maintains utility-scale solar power plants that generate clean power for the program’s subscribers.

How the program works

Eligibility & Enrollment
It doesn’t matter if you own or rent, if you are a full-service* electric customer of Consumers Energy, you're eligible to subscribe to the Solar Gardens.

As a program customer, you can subscribe to ½ kilowatt “SolarBlocks”, and the subscription cost will be applied to your monthly energy bill.**

Should you change service locations after you’ve enrolled in the program, your subscription will move with you. Move out of our service territory, and you'll automatically be removed from the program without penalty. How the program works.

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*Full-service electric customers are served on rates RS, RT, GS, GSD, GP, MMPP and GPTU. To confirm your rate classification, please reference the back of your monthly bill under Rate Information.

**The “average” household has a maximum subscription of 10-12 SolarBlocks.

For additional details see Program Terms and Conditions.
Flexible Payment Options
Subscribe to the Solar Gardens program, and you'll pay an additional monthly fee to cover the cost of building and maintaining the facility. You'll receive a monthly solar energy credit on your electric bill based on the amount of energy generated.

For as little as $10 per month, you can subscribe to solar energy. See the program enrollment form for additional options.


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Western Michigan University

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Environmental Benefits

Total reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is equivalent to:

Solar Generation

Total Electric Energy Production

Total Generation
to Date

3534528 kWh

Total Generation Today 11136 kWh
Total Generation in the Past 7 Days 75659 kWh
Total Generation in the Past 30 Days 289032 kWh
Total Generation in the Past Year 3534528 kWh

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