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Safety Education

Our Safety Programs are Real Lifesavers

Kids need to learn to be safe around electricity and natural gas. Most accidents involving utilities can be prevented with education. We’d like to help. Over the years, we’ve taught hundreds of thousands of Michigan students how to be safe around energy.

Our presentations—EmPOWERed Kids™ and Respect the Flags—are aligned with Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations and Common Core State Standards and our programs are endorsed by the Michigan Department of Education. Both are highly interactive, with hands-on activities that help provoke thoughtful discussion. EmPOWERed Kids is an app-based presentation aimed at K-6 students. The 45-60 minute program focuses on identifying electrical hazards at home, school, and in their neighborhood. Students learn about how electricity is made and how it is transmitted to homes and businesses.


Respect the Flags helps students avoid accidents with underground utilities, such as natural gas pipelines and underground electric powerlines. Students also learn how to identify natural gas by its smell and how to report a problem. The 30-45 minute presentation is targeted at K-5 students.


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